DIY upcycled t-shirt headband

Posted by Mandy Stos on July 19, 2011 1 Comment

If you own an old t-shirt, the possibilities of upcycling it are endless. I wanted to make a matching headband to accompany my red, white and blue USA inspired vintage shirt I bought last week. It's super comfy to wear yet, classy looking to wear.



What you will need:





Tape Measure or Ruler

Step One:

Find a t-shirt.


Step Two:

Measure your noggin! That's right. Take your tape measure and measure the circumference of your head. Now take that number and subtract 2" from it. This will allow it to fit your head snugly without sliding off your head. Mine was 19" so the final size is 17". You want your strip to be 1.5" in width.

You also want to cut 2 additional strips this same size to use later for making flowers.

Step Three:

Fold the strip in half. Pin it in place.

Step Four:

Turn your machine on and stitch along the edge of the strip. Fold the headband right side out.


Step Five:

You now need to prepare your thread and needle for stitching your flowers. Try to make it match if you like. Then we are going to grab the two extra strips we cut earlier and make rolled t-shirt flowers to cover the seam and add some funk. Take one of the strips and twist it up.

Step Six:

Once you twisted one of the strips, begin to roll it up with your fingers. Hold it tightly or it will come undone.


Step Seven:

While still holding the rolled up flower, grab your needle and begin to stitch it together. It does NOT Have to look pretty. No one will see it. I used grey thread so you could see what I did exactly. I made two flowers. You can make one large one or two small ones.

 Step Eight:

Lay your rolled flowers on the seam of the headband. Stitch them on. Again, doesn't have to be pretty!

There it is! Hope you enjoyed this and please post your photos on our facebook page to share your creation. 


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Awwww that is so cute! My daughter is going to love this…good project for tomorrow…

Posted by Heedless on July 22, 2011

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